Dangerous Deportations

Mexican deportees are often dropped off in dangerous border cities at night. Reporter Maria Zamudio takes us to the Mexican city of Matamoros to see what they face when they arrive.

I produced a shorter 3-minute story for NPR's Fronteras desk, a multi-media collaboration in the South and South west. Listen to the story here


 Beyond the Great Wall 

In 2007, I traveled to China to interview former political prisoners. I interviewed half a dozen student leaders from the Tienanmen Square pro-democracy movement in 1989. This story focuses on student movement in had on current Chinese politics. The story was part of a two-hour radio documentary aired on the NPR affiliate in Champaign-Illinois before the Olympics.

The Barbershop Show

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM and 89.5FM. You can also stream live at vocalo.org. The show also broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ.

I co-hosted the live show in 2012 with Kimbriell Kelly. The show was about young undocumented immigrants. The focused on President Barack Obama's memorandum offering "Deferred Action" for young immigrants. Under DACA, those who were brought to the country as children are not an enforcement priority (meaning they won't be deported) and they can apply for work-authorization.